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BiographyWait Till You Hear Jim Belushi's Net Worth!

Wait Till You Hear Jim Belushi’s Net Worth!

The famous and talented James Adam Belushi, more popularly known as Jim Belushi, the “According to Jim” fame, is worth millions. Thanks to a prolific acting career, music and comedy tours, voiceover animation, and, hold your breath, a marijuana farm, Jim Belushi continues to be one of the wealthiest celebrities of all time. 

Getting to know Jim Belushi 

Jim Belushi, an American Actor, comedian, and musician, was born in 1954 in Illinois, USA. With his late brother John Belushi in show business(Animal House and Saturday Night Live ) and his affinity for acting, Jim only naturally took up theatre and speech at college. His professional life and personal life have seen turbulent times. He has been through three marriages and divorces and has three children. This highlight of his acting career, spanning over 40 years, was the award he received for the 1997 movie Retroactive at the Malaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema. 

Jim Belushi’s Net Worth

During his time in the entertainment industry, Jim has steadily increased his income and net worth. According to public sources, Jim has an accumulated wealth of over $55 million this year.  

Career Stats

Jim has starred in over 78 hit films and over 68 television shows, the most famous of which was ABC’s hit sitcom series According to Jim, which had a dream run from 2001 to 2009. As the central character in the popular sitcom, Jim Belushi acted as James” Jim “Orenthal, a chilled-out, cool suburban dad whose flaws and foibles comprise most of the storyline.

His illustrious career took off with an uncredited part in the 1978 film “The Fury.” His TV debut was also the same year in Who’s Watching the Kids? Apart from movies and TV, voice-over animation and comedy tours have contributed much to Jim Belushi’s net worth. Belushi’s best movies include Thief, About Last Night, Red Heat, and Jingle All the Way. Besides, According to Jim, Belushi’s well-known TV appearances include those in Twin Peaks and Saturday Night Live. 

A talented musician, Jim plays the Harmonica and is known to always carry it with him. Jim was a part of his brother’s music band, “The Blues Brothers.” He and his bandmate Dan Ackroyd released a music Album, Have Love, Will Travel. 

The Cannabis Farm

An exciting facet of Jim’s life has been his much-talked-about Cannabis farm at Eagle Point, Oregon. While it has significantly increased Jim Belushi’s net worth, he calls it a spiritual journey. He claimed that “profound healing “happens there and is also a place where bald eagles come to breed. It has been a very profitable venture and is probably responsible for increasing Jim Belushi’s net worth.


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